Cantina Valpantena, `Torre del Falasco` Garganega 2018



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The Torre del Falasco wines are the standard bearers of this cooperative, situated in the Valpantena, northeast of Verona. Known as the ’valley of god’ to the ancient Greeks, this area is well-known for its high quality red wines, due partly to the soils but also because of the cool breeze that blows down the valley from the foothills of the Dolomites. Run by Luca Degani since 1995, the Cantina di Valpantena is now one of Italy’s best co-operatives, with 700 hectares of vineyard producing excellent quality fruit. Matt Thomson makes some of the Alpha Zeta wines here and has worked closely with them since 1999. 


Grapes for the Garganega come from the steeply terraced vineyards, grown at 100-300 metres above sea level, belonging to the co-operative where soils are poor and chalky.


Winter saw cold temperatures and frequent rains. The beginning of the growing season was marked by abundant rains, followed by a hot and dry period. The harvest was abundant and began at the end of August and finished in the middle of September.


This wine is made from fully ripe Garganega grapes picked slightly later than average. On arrival at the winery, the grapes were crushed, briefly cold soaked before pressing and cool fermentation (12-15°C), which took place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. 50% of the wine was then matured in oak barrels before blending and bottling.




This wine is pale lemon in colour, with a fresh perfume of white flowers and citrus fruit. The palate has mineral notes with lifted lemon zest on the finish. This wine has enough body to stand up to food while retaining a crisp, fresh quality that ensures it is also great on its own.
 Grape Varieties 

100% Garganega

Winemaker  Luca Degani
Closure Screwcap
ABV  13%
Residual Sugar  4.8g/L
Acidity 5.72g/L
Wine pH  3.44
Bottle Sizes  75cl
Notes  Sustainable, Vegan, Vegetarian